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Where My Feet May Flounder

Have you every wondered unto uncharted waters? A place that’s unfamiliar where everything around you seem dark and unsteady. This is a place of uncertainty, a place were your vision is blurry, your mind is challenged, and life as you know it has been turned upside down. Its scary, uncomfortable, and something you never experienced before. It’ll probably bring about the biggest change in your life preparing you for the inevitable. For me, this walk into the unfamiliar is leading me into a place of surrender; where i am brought to face my fears, failures, and things i believe about myself that aren’t true. How i see me is bigger than how someone else may perceive me to be. But what about the lies? How do i decipher truth from false perceptions? It took confrontation to lead me to the answer. When you have been fed lies about your identity, your faith, your last name, it leads you to dig deeper until you know the truth. I am experiencing things i cannot put a name to. I may not fully understand why i am brought to face something so fierce, but i do know this: The things we survive, we are meant to survive in order to tell our stories. If you survived something, say something. What you survive matters. Some of us our afraid to speak up and speak out because what someone may believe about our character. My response to that is: you can allow people to own you, boss you, and tell you what to do or you can take a walk in your own shoes and see where it leads you. You never know who you are until you know why you are here in the first place. I hear people say it all the time, I know who i am. Really? So why did your reaction surprise you? Why do you allow lies to control you? Tell the truth and be free from your inner demons. Live the truth and put darkness to flight. Be the change you want to see and stop waiting for the world to agree. There is a price to pay when you stand up for truth, oh but the reward of those who do.

I started this blog to correspond with my new book, “The Unfamiliar: Stepping into Surrender”. It is available to you everywhere books are sold. This book encourages believers to step out in faith and trust God with the end results. It reminds us of our purpose and identity in Christ while at the same time teaching us how to hold on through the hills and valleys of life. We must trust God at his word. We have to learn to stand and be still at times. The world around us need to know that Jesus is still alive and the invitation to salvation still remains the same. I plan to encourage and inspire change in the hearts and minds around me by being an example of faith and works. It is up to us to let our light so shine as we have been called to do so, for such a time as this. People are looking for the answer. We are the church. If you are a believer and you have professed with your mouth and believe in your heart that Jesus is Lord, and God raised from the dead, then you are saved and born of the spirit of God; birth into the family of Jesus Christ. If this is you then you’re duty is to lead others to Christ. The whole duty of man is to serve God almighty. That is why we are in the land of the living; for his purpose, and not our own.

Romans 10: 9-10

Ecclesiastes 12:13- Now all has been heard; here is the conculsion of the matter: Fear God, and keep his commandments, for this is the duty of all mankind.

“Jesus is my Savior”.

Articles of Faith Donations

Articles of faith for the Ministry of Jesus Christ


Articles of Faith Donations

Articles of faith for the Ministry of Jesus Christ


Articles of Faith Donations

Articles of faith for the Ministry of Jesus Christ


9 comments on “Where My Feet May Flounder

  1. Tanisha Melton says:

    Wow Nisha! Congratulations! I’m so proud of you! I can see you writing too! You have my total support, & may God continue o bless you in all that you do! I love you & miss you! Again, congratulations!


  2. Thank you Nisha. Please share on social media. I desire to reach as many as possible.


    1. tyron jackson says:

      I am proud of you, Keep up the good qork.


      1. Thank you. It’s amazing what God does when we are willing to let go and trust him. I am honored to have my life filled with his glory, but all the glory, honor, and praise is the Lord’s. Thank you for your support. Spread the good news!


      2. Thank you Ollie Pooh.


  3. Auntie Tiffany says:

    Love it Niecy. God bless you in your new endeavor. Can’t wait to read it.


    1. Thank you Auntie. You will enjoy it.


  4. Brett Jackson says:

    So so proud of you dear
    May the Peace Of GOD
    which passes all understanding
    May it Gaurd your Heart and Mind
    Love u dear
    keep on strong
    In JESUS Name


    1. Thank you cousin. You helped me get here with all of the support you and your family have shown me over the years.


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