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A Place of Recovery

Healing comes in many forms. It is the pain and sorrow of life’s disappointments that cause us to stagger. Is it a sin to stagger, to express how we feel? No, but we must express ourselves to those who can help lift us up. I will be honest, I don’t know how to comeback from every hurt. Trying times are hard and uncomfortable. I call on the one above who can connect me to the one on earth who was created for such a time as this. When we walk with each other and nurse each others wounds we are stronger together; even the King of Glory said two is better than one, yet he can use the one to conquer the world. The greatest thing a person will encounter is brokenness. How do we recover? “We love, we forgive, and we surrender to the very thing we cannot control, God’s Will”. We are not finished yet; even when the inevitable tells us we are.

We are living in a time where God is searching for more believers, more people to stand up for righteousness. God is not moved by how independent we are; he wants a people who are humbled enough to know where their help comes from. We must be careful not to take God’s glory by competing with someone else who assignment is different from yours and mine. The earth is the Lords, and everything in it; You and I money, housing, cars, clothes, shoes, and food belongs to God. It was all made by Elohim. The one who created everything. Be careful not to withhold his glory because of what you think you own when you are in fact just borrowing from God. Education comes from God. Intelligence comes from God. Our Minds come from God. What Good are any of these things if we are not using them to bring him Glory? Anyone can earn more, educate themselves to have more, but if you are doing this thing to feel important and have more than your neighbor you are living in vain. God is looking for Kingdom minded people. He wants us to have full lives. If your life is full and you feel you don’t need the Lord because you have everything, you have nothing at all and are empty inside. You will perish with those temporary goods and miss out on knowing the Lord Jesus Christ. God is the one who knows about hidden agendas and why we do a thing. Seek God in everything. Seek the Lord while he may be found- Psalm 55:6.

Articles of Faith Donations

Articles of faith for the Ministry of Jesus Christ


Articles of Faith Donations

Articles of faith for the Ministry of Jesus Christ


Articles of Faith Donations

Articles of faith for the Ministry of Christ


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