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A Spiritual Prospective

Have you ever put your all into something to witness a totally disaster versus what you thought the outcome would be? This is not new to us. Often times we feed the outer part of who we are while forsaken the spiritual. I write about this in my new book, The Unfamiliar: Stepping into Surrender. There are times in life when God will require something from us. He is not asking for it; It is required. This is how i know. When we begin to pray, and ask God to bless us or perhaps help us, his response may be something you do not want to do; perhaps it requires change from you. Think about it this way. When you are troubled at home or work, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Did i forsake my responsibility or is this an attack on my character? Sometimes it could be both. How do you handle it? It is very easy to fight back in a fleshly manner; you know: yell, scream, blame, fight, argue, or not even take responsibility for your actions, the part you played. A spiritual prospective is when you go to God first and ask him to show you what is happening around you, and how to respond; not only does this help your relationship with God, but it also builds your faith. In my walk with Christ i am learning the how to, in Christ. I am still learning. I can’t say most days i get it right, but what I can say is the days i fail to get it right, God draws me into his presence and tell me why. We do not know everything. We are only human. God is teaching me we wrestle not against flesh and blood, and the darkness, powers, and principalities that operate against God will not overcome the power of God (Ephesians 6:12). God is one who searches the hearts of every man, woman, and child. He knows what is in us, and he is always searching for a repentant soul. When you kneel down and pray, it is the motives of the heart that God sees and knows. He want to know the reason why we are asking for something, in truth. God responds to Sin and Obedience; He also response to faith. When you are asking for God to bless you and he looks down and see all the hell you have been causing, do not be surprised if he doesn’t hear you. Have you repented yet? We must put in order what is right in the sight of God. Our priorities have to line up with God. You cannot pray and ask the Lord to bless you indeed and not be willing to present an offering to the Most High; What are you willing to sacrifice? Your time, way of living, how you respond to truth? We want to be blessed, but not take the road that leads to what we are praying for. This is not ok. The devil is a liar. You must believe God to be who he say he is, and second expect things to get chaotic. When God steps in he brings order. People who have been sitting in positions they shouldn’t, suddenly are moved (and by the way, God is the God of Suddenly), those who have been operating under a false spirit are suddenly exposed, the one who walked out, suddenly returns, the one who gave up, suddenly have a mind to do things God’s way. So be carefully when life seem like everything has took a sudden turn. It could be God doing a few things: answering the effective prayers of the righteous and delivering them from their enemies, or rendering judgement where judgement is due, in this case Justice. Do not give up. Pray without ceasing and know that the God who sits on high, looks down low. He is the one who intervenes and has the last say so. He is the righteous judge (Psalm 7:11) .

We appreciate all donations as they are used for kingdom building in the name of Jesus.


Articles of Faith to enhance your walk with Christ



Articles of Faith to enhance your walk with Christ


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