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I want to take time to reflect on the many things that has taken place in my life this year. I published my first book, and started writing two more books. I started my first blog, switched careers, and stepped into my purpose on purpose. Everyday is new as long as we are here in the flesh to enjoy it. No one is promised tomorrow, so it is good to enjoy today for what it is, a day in the land of the living. I find it easy to judge, and hard to forgive. I say this because it’s usually easier to say i forgive you, then judge that person for the exact same thing you forgave them for yesterday. In order for healing to begin we have to forgive and leave it behind us. We must mean what we say and say what we mean. Life is to precious to have it waste away with the same mess coming from the same people year after year. It’s time to grow up, take responsibility for our actions, be man and woman enough to handle ourselves, and stop pointing the finger as if there are any perfect beings in the world. Jesus was the only perfect being who came into the world. There is none after him. Forgive. Heal. Then Forgive Again.

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