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Seasons Change

Do not get stuck where you are because seasons change. It is hard for a lot of people to bring themselves to a place of comfort and peace in difficult seasons. If you know who holds the future, then you need not worry about tomorrow- Luke 12:22-26. This may sound a little harsh to some, but it’s not those who know by faith that God is in control. If we allow panic and fear to overrule the Word of God in our hearts, even in a season where we are required to walk by faith we are saying to Jehovah we are still walking by sight. This enemy is invisible. What is the remedy for that? Faith in a God who can operate on both sides of this pandemic. Give God praise, give Him glory, give Him honor. We are to remind the Lord that we remember him, love him, and seek to reconcile with him. We are a reflection of God’s heart when we are in right standing with God.

A lot of us have pictures throughout our homes to show off our families and memories. We reflect on them, we talk about them, we carry them in our hearts; this is the very thing the Lord desire us to do: Carry him in our hearts, talk about him, reflect on his goodness and mercy in our lives. God is a jealous God. He has made that known throughout the bible-Exodus 20:5. The Lord will have his way. He will judge the earth, and rule and reign in all his soverignty. There is no one above him to stop him. Let’s come to our senses and stop sinning. Put away your fleshly selfish desires and join a kingdom with a God who is able to reconcile you back to himself and give you life. The earth is the Lord’s, and He gave man dominion over all the earth- Genesis 1:26-28. This is a season for infertile wombs to prepare to carry because God is up to something. He is know to open up doors when he can use them for his glory.

Psalm 113:9

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