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When You Don’t Know What to Do, Praise…

Praising God is an essential habit we ought to get in the habit of doing. The Lord inhabits the Praise of his people- meaning he will be in the mist. He will show up and be glad about it. We must hold our complaints and pray about all things: every circumstance, every trial and tribulation. God hears our cries. He responds before we finish our request- Isaiah 65:24. Praise is an invitation to the Lord, and he loves it. Like we have things that motivates us, praise motivates the Lord. It ushers him in to do something for you. Genuine praise, be real with it because he is real and knows the hearts of man. Praise is easy. You simply raise your hands to the Lord open your mouth and begin to thank him. Let your heart be pure in praise. Sing. Clap your hands. Make a loud noise unto the Lord. Let him feel you. Jesus responds to praise. Hosanna is what they shouted as Jesus rode on a donkey, and his colt- Matthew 21:5. He is gentle and he loves to hear our shouts of praise. Was this not what sent the walls of Jericho tumbling down- praise. Feelings are what they are- expressions of the hurt, pain, happiness, excitement, or joy we may feel; praise is an expression to God of our gratefulness and recognition of his presence in our lives. Feelings should not control your praise. Your gratefulness and love for Jesus, the Christ should. Put on the garment of praise to chase depression away. Put on the garment of praise to receive healing today. Put on the garment of praise to show God your trust. Put on the garment of praise and receive the revival that is coming your way. Do you dare to believe it’s already here.

Deuteronomy 1:29-30

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