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Healing through Correction

For whom the Lord loveth he chasteneth- Hebrew 12:6. It pleases me to know that our assignments in Christ are not in vain. We stand ready to do his work, and wait as he guide us in the spirit of truth. We must have the mind of Christ and be ready to do what doesn’t make sense all the time. This is why obedience is required when you are a follower of Christ. There are many stories in the bible that are of great importance because of the obedience that produced the promise. We have to get on one accord with our God and know that when we are out of his will or out of place, He-our Lord and Savior, Jesus will correct us. He does this in various ways: warnings, chastening, illuminating the truth, and exposing our hidden places. Yes, God will expose you. He knows how to get our attention. The Lord has a way of putting back in place what has been out of place for an extended period of time. When the season come upon us for our part to be done in the kingdom, the Lord himself will position us. Salvation is not just for you or me or us. It is also for the generations to come; just like the Birth of Jesus Christ. The promise was carried from generation to generation; dust leading to Mary conceiving and carrying the promised Saviour of Mankind. We do not always know how God is going to do a thing, but we must exercise our faith by Believing God and being obedient in our faith. If you are feeling more pressure than ever and having the hardest time in this season or the past few seasons of your life, seek God. Ask him what is required of you at this time? Do not run nor hide because wherever you go, God will be there too. He is the omnipresent spirit of the living God. Have faith when panic is taking over. Be courageous and do not fear what others may say. There will always be a naysayer. There will always be a critic. What do you do? You keep marching on. You stand and fight anyway, but you do it God’s way. Ask him to guide you in how to do whatever it is he has pressed upon your heart to do. Every assignment matter. Every task given is tailored to fit your gifts in the season that it is needed the most.

Romans 12:6

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