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When You Are Required to Wait

There are moments in life where we are required to wait. Time belongs to God. Purpose is His. And our lives are suppose to be a love story for Christ. If you are here asking yourself what life is really all about, it is about JESUS. You are here because he allowed your conception to take place in your Mother’s womb for his glory; for his purpose. Purpose is not what most people believe it to be. Many of us are waiting for some big miracle to happen like the sky opening and raining millions of dollars or a big pot of gold poured down on us and now we are happy. Money, gold, silver, luxury does not equal happy. Knowing your purpose and pursing it while you still have breath in your lungs is. Imagine having everything, but not being able to make sense of anything. Now imagine this: Your purpose, you know it and it means everything to you. And guess what? Life makes sense. And ever thing that did not matter before matters now. You have been equipped with everything you need to fulfill your purpose. It is in you and God will send the rest to you. He will also require you to do the work that has been given to you. Never take time for granted. Never believe time to be wasteful in anyone’s life. You do not know their story. God can turn a drunk into a millionaire and a millionaire into a broke drunk. He is very good at role reversals. If you need a lesson there is the Master Teacher with the number one lesson plan to show you why it is not up to you, me, or any person to dictate someone else’s story. Mine your household and pray for your neighbor. There are specific things God ask of us while we are in a season of waiting. Do you know what that is? I do, remain calm, remain prayerful, and trust the Lord in your season of waiting. One last thing, but not the only thing don’t forget to praise. Praise is one of the most powerful effective weapons given to a believer. The Word is always active. We need to be active too.

There is only one King sitting on the right hand of God- JESUS CHRIST.

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