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Guard Your Hearts

Cold people have cold hearts. They care about themselves and the kind of lifestyle they display. I cannot compete with a cold hearted person. I would much rather keep my heart warm and meek. It’s hard dealing with a person who does not know love, and these same people do not accept kindness well. They are used to drama, fear, chaos, confusion, lying, cycles, and soul ties that are not indeed good for the soul. These situations become more of a mess when children are involved. The child also becomes a part of the cycle. It is a sad thing to see; I pray you never have to as I have. To love a man who does not love himself is like being in a relationship with a soulless person. It is harmful. Everyone around him matters except you. It is painful and stressful. This can be a man or a woman. If you do not get out of such harsh conditions you find yourself becoming a replica of that person. It is scary, but you are able to get out and still save your heart from going dark. Sometimes you have to walk away or be pushed away; and believe me this type of person cannot take peace for too long. They must have some kind of chaos or they do not feel right. They are used to having some form of drama or confusion. Love to them is a mixture of pain and sorrow, mixed with some happy times, but they are never happy people. It is a temporary way of living. They are not able to manage healthy relationships. It’s too much for a heartless person to imagine. They are use to having it their way or no way. They are very controlling and hard to please. They are manipulators. I don’t mind the halfway mark or trying to reason with a person, but you cannot reason with a person who is not rational to begin with. It is easy to become mentally drained trying to please someone who changes like the wind. Nothing is set in stone with them, so you never really know what you are going to get. It’s best to be distance friends with these types of people. And it is good if they are not in your ear too often. Their way of life and how they see the world can be quite frightening. Why? Because they don’t think rationally like everyone else. Everything is about them. They view themselves as being superior to everyone else. Are they wrong or us? No one is higher than another, even if we hold a higher position in this life. Keep your hearts warm and don’t hold a grudge. Forgive quickly and move on. Cold people with cold hearts are not a project they are in need of emotional, mental, and spiritual health. These kinds of people can look up to par or seem as though they have it all together on the outside, but they are an emotional diaster on the inside. You can sometimes tell by the kind of relationships they have. They are usually like a roller coast ride up and down or display on and off cycles. Protect yourself because they are big deceivers. Guide them to get the help that they need before becoming emotionally involved.

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