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Going Deeper

What does it mean to go deeper? Beyond the surface. Far beyond it. It’s the place where most of us would rather keep our hidden things hidden and our not yet dealt with issues buried. Why? Are we too lazy to deal with them or are we not ready to face the truth about ourselves? None of us are perfect nor have perfect realities. Some of our problems are rooted through our parents and families. Truth has no hidden agenda. I’ll repeat that. Truth has no hidden agenda. I have met people who are stuck in there broken places because they choose to be. The help is available to the individual, but the person chooses the way of the handicap when he or she is very well capable of doing better, being better, and doing away with foolishness. It’s easy to be a part of a group and to gather with the crowd. But it takes a courageous and smart person to stand out from the rest and confess the way of the Lord, the way of truth. How easy is it to have people with you, but the bold righteous person knows rather he or she stands alone or with another they will stand up come what may. Any person willing to stand up for another in truth and speak on behalf of another who is bullied or looked down on that man God himself will help and honor. And he will put to shame the unjust. The one’s who FEEL justified in their wrong doing. What has been your appetite? Are you self seeking? Going about getting your way, doing what you will and not caring about who you hurt or leave without because you want peace while the other person was in need. The Lord will repay you for your wickedness and for your wicked deeds. Be careful how you treat others and who you turn your back to because in doing so you are turning your back to God. It is He who teaches us to love one another and in doing so to be good to each other. If you are always looking to get something in return you have missed out on your own lesson and therefore will join the misery at heart.

Do good. Give with a cheerful heart. Love without limits. Forgive, but do not tolerate evil. Say no, and mean it because evil does not care and it doesn’t have a heart. It is cold. Keep yourselves around warm hearted people, and those who are loving, kind, and forgiving. It is good for you overall. Jesus advises us not to sit in the seat of the scornful and to keep our hearts pure. He is the wisest after all.

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