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When You’re in the Will of God

How did i get here. Sometimes God’s Will is not the easiest. And sometimes He doesn’t allow the next step to be seen or even known, he just guide you to it. It’s a different pace and a different space when God is doing the leading. It’s in a sense where you’re not comfortable in any land except the land he calls you too. And while comfort levels can change, being in the land will be well with you. Is it easy? No. Is it scary? Yes. Because as human beings we want to know the future. In this season of being the spirit of truth is the future; and without it we perish. It’s an unfamiliar place and space. I’m safe in this place; It is the Lord who goes before me; and He has taken me and called me near to remain under his shadow. So therefore, He is my protector. Have you ever been uncovered? Or got to comfortable somewhere and didn’t prepare for what was coming? I find myself standing face to face with the most beautiful beginnings of my life, and although it is a glimpse; it is well with my soul. If this thing truly indeed is Christ centered, then i am exactly where i am suppose to be. Sometimes we may judge our circumstances based on how it looks or feels, but when God is in it; there is a peace that comes with the direction he guides your feet. I’m so elated to know i am stepping into the purpose i was created for. God did not allow my parents to conceive me for their purposes, but for His. Praise JESUS. I am extremely elated about what the LORD has brought me too. It is so amazing. Thank you for allowing me to share this testimony with you. May the good good Heavenly Father bless and order your steps in Jesus name.

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