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Breaking the Cycles of Insecurity

Many people have feelings of insecurity about themselves because they can’t accept themselves for who they are. So they’ll rely on people to please them and accept them. A person or group may demostrate this through a strong attachment to their mate, child or children, and sometimes through a family member or a friend. These kind of bindings can invite a demonic spirit because the person is looking to another human being for fulfillment instead of looking to God. There are gaps in our lives that were not meant for another human to fulfill; therefore, broken relationships form. It can even form into a demonic cycle of break ups to where the receiver of the insecure individual starts to be controlled and manipulated. The only way to be delivered and freed is through the truth. That person or group of indiviuals has a sin problem that has yet to be addressed. And whoever invites someone with unaddressed or unrepentant sin also invites their idols and demon(s). Insecurities can be addressed and kept under control or unaddressed and take up unnecessary time in another person’s life. It is one thing to feel insecure and deal with it, than to allow it to go unaddressed and cause problems in our relationships and how we see ourselves. At some point in life we have to address what we rather not. Instead of sweeping it under the rug; hidden, address it. Address the lies, address the anger, address the resentment and give yourself time to heal and recover. Wash away the lies of what the mirror says, an insult says, and adopt what Jesus says. Who did He say you are? You are fearfully and wonderfully made(Psalm 139:14). You are God’s redeemed and his love story. The next time you are having one of those days were your weight is off, or you feel too tall or too short, or your make up is not doing the job ask God what significance your height, weight, and imperfections play in your purpose. God uses are imperfections for his glorious Will for our lives. Don’t hide, Shine. You are made in the image of the creator of the universe (Genesis 1:27).

2 comments on “Breaking the Cycles of Insecurity

  1. Sharon Eichmann says:

    I have enjoyed your articles and agree . Your a breath of spring , ThankYou. Love, Sharon [walmart]

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Sharon you are such a wonderful human being. Thank you for your humanity.


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